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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 6:43 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn


Continuation of my picture for EmijuTheFinnArtist's MDP.

Snowie Commission prices 2014 (OPEN)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 2, 2013, 5:49 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Updated prices

:bulletblue: means Available
:bulletblack: means Closed
:bulletyellow: means Extra stuff
:bulletwhite: means depend
:star: means Newest in the list

(Stolen from both EmijuTheFinnArtist and FlareAKACuteFlareon |'D )

:bulletblue:Journal dolls :bulletblue:

:bulletblue:Bouncy journal doll:bulletblue:
I'm happy by snowflake95
Price: 25 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +5 :points:/character

:bulletblue:Pixel doll:bulletblue:
Blue flame, blue flame by snowflake95

★Price: 80 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +10 :points:/character
:bulletyellow:Animation (bouncy/blinky/tail waving/moving objects/...): +20 :points:/animate requested

:bulletblue:Page doll:bulletblue:
Example: N/A
★Price: 45 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +6 :points:/character

:bulletblack:Journal skin:bulletblack:
Journal skin for Experiment-Aeterno by snowflake95  Journal skin commission for FlareakacuteflareonFlareAKACuteFlareon
Link test
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★Price: 200 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +50 :points:/character
:bulletyellow:Cursor: +45 :points:


:bulletblack:Normal icon:bulletblack:
Blinky blinky by snowflake95
★Price: 50 :points:
:bulletyellow:Link icons: +25 :points:/link icon

:bulletblue:Pixel icon:bulletblue:
:Gift: Charley icon by snowflake95 :Gift: Cloudy icon for AmethystGlaceon by snowflake95
★Price: 70 :points:
:bulletyellow:Link icons: +25 :points:/link icon
:bulletyellow:Animation : +20 :points:

:bulletblack:Custom box:bulletblack:
Arrows custom box by snowflake95
★Price: 35 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +10 :points:/character
:bulletyellow:Different pose: + 15 :points:/pose

:bulletblue:MS Paint picture:bulletblue:

Example: N/A
★Price: 55 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +20 :points:/chracter
:bulletyellow:Shading: +25 :points:

:bulletblue:Colored (no shading, background):bulletblue:
Example: :PC:Pouts by snowflake95
★Price: 60 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +20 :points:/character

:bulletblue:Simple picture (colored, shaded and highlighted, simple background)
Example: N/A
★Price: 80 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +25 :points:/ character

:bulletblue:Detailed picture (colored, shaded and highlight, background of your choice)
Example: N/A
★Price: 95 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +25 :points:/character

:bulletblue:SAI picture:bulletblue:

Example: N/A
★Price: 40 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +20 :points:/character
:bulletyellow:Shading (.PSD file): +30 :points:
:star: Buy a set of 4 Line-art, get one for free (suitable for adoptable groups with original species)

Example: N/A
★Price: 70 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +20 :points:/character

:bulletblue:Simple picture (colored, shaded and highlighted, transparent or simple background):bulletblue:
EONexchange by snowflake95   Light me up by snowflake95
★Price: 150 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +30 :points:/character

:bulletblue:Detailed picture (colored, shaded and highlighted, background of your choice):bulletblue:
Oh look! It's a ladybug by snowflake95 
★Price: 170 :points:
:bulletyellow:Addition character: +45 :points:/character

:bulletblue:Small doodles (line-arted, colored):bulletblue:
Example: Batch 1 by snowflake95
★Price: 30 :points:
:bulletyellow:A batch of 5 characters: 120 :points:
                     A batch of 10 characters: 240 :points:


★Price: From 40 :points: to 200 :points:, depend on what you want
:bulletyellow:Accessories: +5 :points:/accessory


Speed paints (only for pictures): + 50 :points:

★ I can draw variety of things: Anthro, Pokemon, Powerpuff girls, My little Pony friendship is magic, Animals.
★ I'm practicing drawing human, so if you can, please avoid commissioning me using human characters.
★ I accept gore, strong emotion, a little sexual/ nudity, canon characters.
★ I DON'T draw porn, too robotic stuff (it makes me crazy)

NOTE me. Don't comment under this journal. And in the Note, please include this form:

Type of commission:
Type of shading (for SAI picture): Soft or cell
Description: Give a short description of what you like, this included what kind of animation for pixel doll (between blink, bounce and such)
Speed paint: Yes/No
Song(s) (at least 2): [link] (only if you want your pictures to be speed painted)

★ Read the "Notice" part to see what I can draw.
★ Ask me questions about my commission stuff UNDER this journal, don't send notes or comment anywhere else.
★ Don't fight over a slot or insult each other, or insult ME. If you don't wanna commission me, please leave.
★ My price set is actually CHEEP for most artist. So please don't say "So expensive" and such to me.
★ Add "Psychedelic Dreams" in your note. So I can be sure that you've read everything.

:PC: Hey there, whatcha doing? by snowflake95
:PC: Hey there, whatcha doing?
Speed paint:…
Commissioner: EmijuTheFinnArtist
Type of commission: Detailed picture style 2
Character: Animatronic Emiju by EmijuTheFinnArtist
Time taken: 3 hours
Description: :la:
Loading... again!! 

No deviants said
No deviants said Hope this one won't be messed up


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